2011 BMW M3 detailed by A & D Car Care2009 Mazda 6 detailed by A & D Car Care2004 Mercedes V12 S600 detailed by A & D Car CareInfiniti G37x with 1-step polish and 22ple VX1 applied2007 Chevy Silverado detailed by A & D Car Care
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The top 10 reasons to have your car detailed by us

  1. Maximize the resale value of your car
  2. Improve the visibility & safety of your vehicle
  3. Increase the joy of owning your vehicle
  4. Protects your vehicle from the elements
  5. Paint will look extremely glossy & mirror like
  6. Leather will feel more plush & comfortable
  7. Significantly easier to keep the vehicle clean
  8. Interiors will have less smells and odors
  9. Impress those who ride in your car or see it
  10. Prevents trim from fading or cracking

Detailing services to fit the needs of any type of customer

Whether you are an automotive enthusiast, a parent with messy children, a car dealership, or you enter your vehicle in car shows, A & D Car Care has service offerings that will meet and exceed even the highest demands. We offer various levels of service that cater specifically to your needs. Your experience with us is unique and will not be the same as our next client. Our customers are mostly referral based and once you experience our work, you'll be referring your friends and family too!

Don't use a car wash in Albany for car detailing. Not the same!

Using a car wash facility for your car detailing needs is usually a big mistake. Generally speaking, employees who "detail" at a local car wash facility are genuinely not interested in properly caring for your vehicle. While their price may look attractive, they are volume based businesses, their products are sub-par and the tools and techniques used may even cause more harm than good! Let A&D Car Care show you what a professional detailer dedicated to the trade can do for your vehicle!