22ple Glass Coatings

We are excited to now offer application services for the complete line of 22PLE Glass Coatings; a new line of ultra hard, scratch resistant silica based coatings designed to protect your vehicle’s clear coat, wheels and trim from harsh environmental elements while at the same time producing an outstanding depth of shine.

The demand for better performing car care products is always increasing. At AD Car Care we are always on the look out for quality products that provide outstanding value to our customers and, at the same time, exceed the performance of what we currently offer.  Until recently, paint protection choices have been limited to conventional waxes or sealants. Traditionally, sealants have been synthetic polymer-based products that typically offer 3 to 6 months of protection. Carnauba waxes provide a greater depth of shine but are based largely on natural ingredients and therefore tend to degrade even faster than the synthetic options. Neither offers satisfactory protection from swirl marks or scratches.

22PLE Glass Coatings are a line of ultra-durable glass-based sealants with different formulations for paintwork, metal and plastic surfaces. Their line of Signature Glass Coatings set as hard as glass and offer a tough barrier against the elements.  They provide a truly scratch resistant protection along with extreme shine. Great news for our customers!

So if you are in the market for a product that:

  • Is extremely scratch resistant
  • Provides an optically clear, high gloss shine
  • Is the highest quality water, oil and dirt repellent available today
  • Provides exceptional durability (properly applied 22PLE treatments have been known to last up to 2-years on daily drivers)

then contact us today to learn more about our 22PLE Glass Coatings services.

(PLEASE NOTE: We recommend having a complete paint correction service prior to applying any of the 22PLE paint coatings.)