Have you ever run your hand over your paint after a wash and it feels a little rough to the touch but it looks clean to your eye?  More than likely you are feeling the environmental contaminates that our clay bar service is designed to remove.

A Fresh Piece of Clay The same piece of Clay after use on a contaminated section
Clay Bar Service - Before Clay Bar Service - After

Detailing professionals use a clay bar to remove embedded surface contaminants in preparation for polishing steps or prior to applying waxes and/or sealants.  The surface of a vehicle’s paint is covered with micro-ridges and imperfections that paint correction polishing steps are specifically designed to remove (or at the very least minimize).  You can imagine that any particles, regardless of how small, that are present in these micro-ridges could potentially be ground into the paint by a buffer pad while polishing or by hand when waxing.  Claying helps remove these contaminants in order to provide the cleanest possible surface for polishing or waxing.

At AD Car Care, we perform our clay bar service prior to any and all paint correction polishing steps.  This helps us reveal the highest possible level of gloss and shine in your paint.

Try this test to see if your vehicle is in need of our clay bar service.  First, wash and dry your car.  Next, put your hand inside a plastic baggie or use some kitchen plastic wrap.  Lightly run the plastic across the various surfaces of your vehicle.  If anything tugs or grabs at the plastic you know that your car should be clayed.  It has been our experience that most vehicles need to be clayed once or twice a year.  Customers that are on a maintenance schedule for our services normally have this done twice a year.  Once in the spring to remove the effects of Upstate New York’s harsh winters and again in the fall before any winter protection is applied.

Please contact us with any questions about claying or for a free evaluation to see if your car is a candidate for our clay bar service.