Essential Level Detail … starting at $149.99

Time Required: at least 5 hours

Our Essential Level Detail is designed to clean and brighten the appearance of your vehicle.  We start with a complete, swirl free hand wash and drying of your car.  Our wash process pays particular attention to hard to reach areas such as door jambs, wheel wells, rain channels (both under the trunk and hood), around emblems and underneath the gas cap. We find these are the areas where dirt, grime, road salt and other environmental contaminants can go unnoticed.  Leaving these areas unattended will eventually lead to visual, and in extreme cases structural, damage.  We complete the paint care portion of the service with a machine applied gloss enhancing sealant designed to protect your paint and bring back some of your cars original shine.

The exterior part of our service also includes:

  • Light removal of bug, tar and sap
  • Tire and Wheel cleaning
  • Tires and Wheel Wells are dressed
  • Exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl moldings are dressed

The interior of your car requires the same attention to detail as the exterior and that is exactly what we do.  We thoroughly clean the entire interior of your vehicle.  Our specialized tools and techniques allow us to clean areas that are difficult and sometimes impossible to clean yourself.  Places like air vents, instrument clusters, shifter housings, cup holders and glass surfaces.  All of your upholstery, carpets and floor mats are thoroughly vacuumed and all leather, vinyl and trim surfaces are cleaned and protected.

After our interior process your vehicle will have:

  •  A fresh clean look and feel
  •  Clean and streak free windows
  •  Clean vanity and side mirrors
  •  A debris free interior
  •  Clean and properly dressed dash board, door trim, vents and crevices
  •  Clean ashtrays, cup holders, console compartments and glove box
  •  A clean and debris free trunk

Any of our a la carte services can be added to your Essential Level Detail package.  Please mention the extra services you might be interested in when you book your service.  We will be happy to offer you a discounted rate for these add-ons based on the final configuration of your service.

At A&D Car Care, we believe that professional detailing is vital to the preservation of your vehicle, not to mention its resale value.  Having our Essential Level Detail performed at regular intervals is the most efficient way to keep your car looking its best.  We recommend this service every 3 to 4 months to achieve maximum protection and to keep a like new look year round.  If you have never used any of our services we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free vehicle assessment.  We look forward to serving all of you car care needs.