Executive Level Detail … starting at $249.99

Time Required: at least 8 hours

We suggest our Executive Level Detail to customers looking to restore or maintain a certain level of that new car look to their daily drivers.  This service includes all of the features of our Essentials Level Detail and then some.  The most noticeable upgrade included in our Executive Level Detail is the polishing step.  A dedicated finishing polish is applied by machine in order to achieve consistent results over the entire painted surface of your vehicle.  The products we use for this step are designed to correct minor swirls and marring.  This step restores paint clarity causing high levels of gloss and depth. Then we follow up with a sealant that will protect your paint for up to 6 months.  Most customers have this service performed a couple times a year – typically a spring cleaning and a fall prep / protection for winter.  Customers also use this service to prep their car for sale or trade-in because it is proven to add value and it will make the car look extraordinarily well maintained.

Moving up to our Executive Level Detail includes everything in our Essential Level Detail, plus the following features:

Additional Exterior Services

  • Wheel faces & barrels are cleaned with pH balanced wheel cleaner and wheel specific brushes
  • A wheel specific sealant is applied to minimize brake dust build up
  • Exhaust tips are cleaned and lightly polished
  • Paint is lightly decontaminated using detailing clay (what is detailing clay?)
  • Paint is polished to correct minor swirls and marring, further increasing gloss and shine
  • A dedicated paint sealant is used to add gloss, slickness and up to 6 months of protection
  • An all-in-one wax is applied to door jambs and rain channels (under both the hood and trunk lid)

Additional Interior Services

  • Spot treatment of stains on carpets, floor mats and seats
  • UV protectant is applied to the dash, console and door panels

Any of our a la carte services can be added to your Executive Level Detail package.  Please mention the extra services you might be interested in when you book your service.  We will be happy to offer you a discounted rate for these add-ons based on the final configuration of your service.

At A&D Car Care our goal is to always deliver the ultimate in service and perform our details to the highest quality standards in the car care industry.  If you are meticulous about the appearance, care and maintenance of your vehicle then our Executive Level Detail is for you.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment today.