If your headlights look like this – Keep reading!

Headlight Restoration Service - Before
If your headlights look hazy, foggy or discolored then you are victim to what is referred to as oxidized headlights. Often referred to as hazy headlights, cloudy headlights, or foggy headlights, this is a more common occurrence then you might think. In fact, hundreds of thousands of vehicles in virtually every make and model of car and truck face this problem.  The AD Car Care Headlight Restoration Service is designed to correct headlight hazing.

Why do headlights become hazy?

Most headlight lenses are made from plastic / polycarbonate material and are clear coated at the factory.  The clear coat is designed to be a layer of protection but it can oxidize in the same manner as the clear coat on the painted surfaces on your vehicle.  Over time, this oxidation will cause the clear coat on your headlight lenses to fade and cloud up.  The environmental conditions that your vehicle is exposed to every day (strong UV light from the sun, dirt, debris, acid rain, etc.) only serve to accelerate the failure of the clear coat.

Hazy/Cloudy headlights are dangerous!

A lot of people do nothing about their cloudy headlights and assume there is no affect on overall visibility. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Hazy, non-clear headlights make your car appear older and can reduce a driver’s visibility by as much as 90%.  They also make it difficult for surrounding drivers to see your car.   If left uncorrected, driving at night can become a dangerous proposition.

The AD Car Care Headlight Restoration Service

Headlight restoration or headlight repair is the process of cleaning and polishing the headlight lens to remove the defect(s) that make your lenses appear hazy.  At AD Car Care, we have the tools and techniques to correct cloudy headlights for a fraction of what replacement lights or lenses might cost.  As a preventive measure, we add a coat of synthetic sealant to the corrected lenses to help preserve the restored condition after the service is performed.  Here is an example of the results we were able to achieve for a recent customer:

Headlight Restoration Service - After
If your headlights resemble the before picture at the beginning of this article, then AD Car Care is here to help.  Contact Us to schedule an appointment to for our headlight restoration service.  We offer a discount on our headlight restoration service when you add it to any of our per-defined detailing packages.

NOTE:  In some instances, the failure of the headlight lens is on the inside of the headlight unit.  This is not a condition that can be corrected by conventional methods.  It is most likely that you will have to purchase replacement headlights.  We will do everything in our power to identify this condition before starting any correction work.