Chevy Silverado – Presidential Level Detail – Troy, NY
  • Chevy Silverado – Presidential Level Detail – Troy, NY

I was approached by a friend to clean up his 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500 pickup. The trucks’ owner is one of the largest concrete contractors in the Capital District and he uses it in some of the roughest conditions that a vehicle can be exposed to. Believe me when I say the truck is driven hard!

Here is a shot of what I was dealing with:

The truck was a fully loaded 4-door turbo diesel with leather interior, navigation and every other bell and whistle that Chevy offered in a pickup back on ’07.  Typical of a busy business owner, the paint on the truck was neglected and showed wear and tear well beyond what you should expect on a 5-year old vehicle.  These before shots show what we were working with as far as the condition of the paint was concerned.

Scratches, water spotting and swirls are evident in these examples and the rest of the paint on the truck was in similar condition. I knew this one was going to be a challenge. The level of damage to the paint could not be addressed with anything short of the multiple polishing steps available in our Presidential Level Detail service. With winter fast approaching in the Capital District I needed to get this service completed in short order. I have to give huge props to George Dushensky of for giving me a hand on this one!!! George and I are both located in the Albany, New York area and he is always willing to assist with some of the challenging details that come in to A&D Car Care. Combined, we each put in more than 9 hours that day, but I think all of the effort was worth it.

Here are some after photos of the results we were able to achieve:

Lastly, we treated the tonneau cover with 303 Aerospace Protectant. This is my go-to product for dressing exterior trim and vinyl surfaces. I like the look of the matte finish that it leaves along with the level of UV protection it provides. I think this really enhanced to overall look of the finished truck.

Thanks for taking the time to review my work and MANY thanks to George for his efforts helping me get this done before the snow flies. I encourage you to leave any thoughts, comments or questions below.