Presidential Level Detail … starting at $499.99

Time Required: at least 12 hours

Collector car owners, customers with “garage queens”, people with high-end luxury cars and owners of exotic sports cars come to A&D Car Care for our Presidential Level Detail.  This service is designed to clean, restore and preserve the pieces of history that these types of vehicles represent.  We use a combination of the highest-quality professional products and state-of-the-art tools and techniques to bring these cars back to as close to factory condition as possible.  In many cases the cars that receive our Presidential Level service wind up in better than new condition.  Thorough paint decontamination and multiple paint correction steps combine to create mirror like reflections in the painted surfaces of your vehicle.  This is our top of the line, most comprehensive detailing service and has been designed with our most discriminating customers in mind.

Like all of our detailing services, the Presidential Level Detail starts with a delicate hand washing.  Your car is dried with soft microfiber towels and then we perform our most thorough paint decontamination step.  This prepares the painted surfaces for a two stage machine polishing process that will correct swirl marks, greatly improve deep defects and reveal a new level of clarity to your paint.  The polished surfaces are topped off with an application of a high-quality polymer sealant or a carnauba wax that will bring a new level of gloss, shine and reflection to the refreshed paint.

Additional Steps included in the Presidential Level Service

  • Wheels are safely cleaned and a wheel specific sealant is applied
  • Exhaust tips are cleaned and lightly polished
  • Our engine bay a-la-carte service is performed
  • Our leather cleaning and conditioning service is included
  • All interior surfaces are cleaned and treated with a UV protectant
  • All carpeted surfaces are machine cleaned
  • All glass surfaces are cleaned and left with a streak free finish


We are happy to customize any aspect of our Presidential Level Detail service to meet any special requirements your may have for your vehicle.  Contact us to schedule a free evaluation of your vehicle and to schedule an appointment for having your car detailed.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations.